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The Mat Club

In 2012 we met wrestling coach Jeffrey Marsh and instantly became friends, @hudsoncity and @kodyhamrah where in charge of a group of friends from the legendary @edge_wrestling gym in Hoboken NJ, they were visiting Costa Rica for a Training in Paradise camp in with legendary MMA fighter @tarzancr

After sometime TigerKiss started doing some design work for Edge Wrestling, and in 2017 we created Jeff’s personal brand @the_wrestling_coach , with great success within the MMA and BJJ community.

Moving forward to 2021, we designed the brand for his first gym in Butler, New Jersey, home to one of the biggest high school wrestling scenes in the states, @thematclub offers hourly rentals. Giving niche sports and individuals a home facility.

Make sure you give them a follow and give some love to this project.

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